my poem's mythology

nourishment      sounding the fourth note of our Summer

be willing to receive nourishment beyond food

There is a mythology story that suggests that the nuts of the Hazel trees are the nutrition of the Salmon of Knowledge.

Bards through the ages have shared several stories of Coll the Hazel's nuts being the food source to nourish us towards enlightened wisdom.

This suggests that hazel nuts must have served as an essential food of bards, not only for wisdom from inspiration but also to provide their energy for enduring travel so they could share their wisdom through their rhymes and tunes.

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my Coll the Hazel story poem explained ...

The first two verses of my story poem are a dedication to and memory of my Uncle Cecil, who used to share Sunday bicycle rides with me to explore remains on ancient sites when i was very young.

He also loved woods and trees and would seek out hazel and hazel twigs to use as divining rods. With these rods he would seek out flows of underground water and follow them, to sometimes find a spring, and sometime to a spring that has been established as a sacred well.

I then break into a few lines of how some folks align trees to astrological sun signs. With my words here I do not reveal the sun sign but do reveal the metal related to it. As my own sun sign is Virgo, which some astrologers relate to Hazel, I slip in a couple of skippy verses around the two names of its related metal. These verses are also to describe the sensations of holding the hazel twigs.

The story poem then move son to share the experience that carrying the hazel rods had empowered upon me, which was far more than just finding a flow of water to a spring. It was an attunement into a flow of the unseen that serves us wisdom as if it is some kind of nourishment.

I conclude this story poem with the suggestion that personal discoveries of wisdom are not suitable for hoarding for personal satisfaction but are actually gifts for sharing.

The last few words of the last line give reference to how the hazel nut is an incredible source of wisdom nutrition.

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