turning and furnishings

Not a popular wood with woodturners. Several say it is too soft. Some turners make bowls with hazel but not much else.

What is popular as a rural craft though, is coppicing hazel and making rustic furniture such as frames for straw woven chairs, tall lamp stands and wider hazel pieces made into long lasting garden furniture.

construction carpentry

Hazel wood is not really used much in carpentry today. It was once a popular wood for creating frames for cob building. There is a new revival in cob building to create low cost homes and builders of these are using hazel rods again.

other crafts

Hazel is quite famous for making walking sticks from, and everyone who walks with a hazel stick for support has a story or two to tall about it, especially if the stick is made from crocked hazel.

Shepherd's crooks are often made from hazel sticks.
Before fibre glass was invented, hazel was the wood for fishing rods and poles too.

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