Hazel nuts are one of the most nutritious food we could eat. There seems to be quite a lot of truth to the salmon that eats 9 hazel nuts and becomes the salmon of knowledge. Alone, hazel nuts are a rich source of meat free protein absorbable calcium, minerals and nutritious oil. What hazelnuts have little of is omega 3, but that would soon be sorted out if you did eat the salmon as well :-) .

As with all natural remedies consumption of Willow
should be guided by a qualified herbalist or physician.
This information here is for information purposes only,
and certainly not for prescription.

best use ...  

highly nutritious, one of the best nutrition foods on our planet

qualities of Hazel are said to be ...

anthelmintic - cleanses parasites and worms
astringent - reduces fluid loss, constricts tissues, such as stop bleeding
diaphorectic - opens the pores and promotes perspiration
febrifuge - lowers body temperature
nutritive - providing good all round food nutrition
stomachic - tonic action on the stomach
tonic - builds strength

toxicity? ...  as all plants have a nourishing level and toxic level

It appears that toxicity from any part of Hazel plant material is very unlikely from what humans are likely to consume. Nuts and oil from the nuts are extremely beneficial and very nutritious.

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