ritual and celebration burning

Hazel is rarely burned in ritual and celebration, twigs are used to form a circle within which bards, chanters and folk drama players will perform within. Sometimes a light draught is arranged to flow over the Hazel twigs to bless those within its circle with clear inspiration.

Alternatively, before a ritual or celebration hazel nuts are scattered around, if outside, or places on the outdoor windowsill of the building being used. Again this is to call upon inspiration from the Fae.

wands and staves

Staves, rods and walking sticks of Hazel are said to all communicate with the fairies who will inspire good intentions and good inspirations from the holder of the stick.

Wands of Hazel are sometimes used by Bards to call upon inspiration of words to share with the people present.

Ciúineas Sticks, talking sticks, are often made with Hazel, sticks to be held by the one speaking while the others remain quiet, then passed to the next person to speak.


The forked stick of Hazel is very famous as a tool of the diviner seeking water, treasure, ley lines and all kinds of hidden information.

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